shelby_blog Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Shelby Kuenzli and I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I studied Life Sciences Communication (LSC)  and Zoology.

If you are a college student, communication or environmental enthusiasts or you love animals and this planet, this site will speak to you! The goal of this blog is to shed light on science topics in a fun, simple and informative way. The reason I started this blog is because  from a very young age, I realized I have always had a passion for science. I loved everything about it. From biology, to chemistry to everything in between, I knew this was the path for me. In college, I realized that my true calling was to communicate about science, to all audiences. I then paired my Life Science Communication major with the area of science I loved most, conservation, so Zoology became my second focus. And no, I am not going to work in a zoo (which is usually the first questions people generally have when they here “Zoology”).

With this blog I hope to be able to communicate about my experience and knowledge in the areas of marketing and communication in the Life Sciences. Through both of my majors, I have developed the skills to bring some light to certain aspects of these realms. Follow me on twitter for updates on my blog!

A little background about me. I was born in Freeport, IL but I moved to Wisconsin when I was 5 and I’ve been here ever since (GO PACK GO). In my free time I love hiking, playing volleyball and reading (especially re-reading the Harry Potter series). I also love spending time with family and friends and going on adventures.